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Archie is a service provided for KUMC faculty, staff, students, and partners. Our goal is to collect, preserve, and promote KUMC scholarship. We collect peer-reviewed literature, e-journals, video/audio presentations, and historical collections in the health sciences.

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  • National Network of Libraries of Medicine - MidContinental Region (2014-04-04)
    Third quarterly report for the third year of the third contract, covering the period of November 1, 2013 - January 31, 2014
  • National Network of Libraries of Medicine - MidContinental Region (NN/LM MidContinental Region, 2014-02-27)
    In This Issue: Altmetrics:, Becker Library’s Archives and Rare Books, The Librarian: Rounding to Be Lean, Highlights from the PubMed Update – January 2014, Whooo Says…, Supporting Public Library ...
  • Ahlers-Schmidt, Carolyn R; Schunn, Christy; Dempsey, Millicent; Blackmon, Sheila (2014-02-27)
    Background. In recent years, Kansas has ranked 40th among all states for worst infant mortality rates. For African American infant mortality, Kansas had the highest rate in the nation. Because of these statistics, initiatives ...
  • Siddiqi, Furqan Shoaib; Chaaban, Said; Petersen, Erin; Kallail, K James; Hope, Mary; Nichols, Daniel (2014-02-27)
    Background. Limited evidence suggests that pulmonary rehabilitation be included in the management of restrictive lung diseases. The purpose of this study was to document pulmonary rehabilitation outcomes in patients with ...

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