teaching the boys to collect specimens
themselves in the holidays in that
fertile Geological county & part of Derbyshire
Mr. Burton is not a mere School master,
looking after the 'grant', but is zealous to
teach the school-children to teach
themselves in after life, & he has a
spark of genius.
Just now he is in for the Inspector's
General School Examn - But he is
going to give, besides the School work,
4 Science Classes (in connection with the
Science & Art Dept in London) of which
one will be on Geology.
And he is Secretary to the Lea &
Holloway Institute, & will give two
Lectures there in the Winter session, one of
which will be on Coal & the other on
the prehistoric World, I believe.
I hope he will not go beyond his audience.
But he succeeds most admirably in making
the boys give a lively attention. The main