Negative impacts of altered gravity models on male mammalian reproductive capacity

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dc.description Developmental Biology Room G026 Dykes 10:00 AM Abstract 188 en
dc.description.abstract The hypothesis of this project was that extended exposure to microgravity has a negative impact on the ability of the male mammalian species to reproduce. Previous research showed that simulated microgravity using hindlimb unloading (HLS) for six wks leads to blockage of spermatogenesis and permanent sterility in adult male rats. Additionally, the exposure to HLS leads to a decline in testicular function causing massive apoptosis of the germinal epithelium. The goal of this project was to determine the maximum duration of HLS that allows for a subsequent restoration of spermatogenesis and fertility. Sexually mature male rats underwent partial inguinal ligation to prevent the testes from becoming abdominal during HLS. Control animals (TO) were pair fed to the HLS group and also ligated and harnessed, but the hindlimbs maintained contact with the floor. Additionally, a group of free roaming control animals (FRC) was analyzed. Animals were exposed to HLS, TO, and FRC treatment for 4, 5, and 6 wks. Hormone levels of testosterone, FSH, LH, and corticosterone were determined, and as in previous studies, none of the hormone levels were significantly different in the treatment groups. However, there was a significant spike in spermatogenic cell apoptosis at 6 wks, indicating that losses of spermatogenesis were beginning. In this experiment, no significant difference in testis or epididymal weight was noted with time (ANOVA). Since these animals were younger than in previous studies, we conclude that there may be an age-related sensitivity of the testis in the HLS model. en
dc.description.sponsorship Tash, Joseph Molecular and Integrative Physiology en
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dc.title Negative impacts of altered gravity models on male mammalian reproductive capacity en
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