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  • Seibert, Ashley Michelle; Bott, Marjorie J. (2008-08-20)
    Culture Change is the transformation of a nursing home (NH) from an institutional establishment with a top down approach to decision making to a resident‐centered program that creates an environment that focuses on what ...
  • Reasons, Marianna (2009-07-02)
    Hudelist et al (2005) described how forceps delivery is a delicate method that requires precise understanding of the station and presentation of the descending caput and that poor training and knowledge of this method ...
  • Jensen, Kelsey Kay and Teel, Cynthia S. (2009-07-23)
    Most stroke survivors return home and rely heavily on family and friends for support. Caregiver responsibilities often are underestimated and can result in negative outcomes for the caregiver. Nurses can use specific ...
  • Daka, Kadist (2009-07-02)
    Between the years 1963 to 1967, the federal government enacted the first mandatory reporting laws (Mathews & Kenny, 2008).This reporting duty was designated to health care professionals, social workers, teachers, and ...
  • Wurtz, Heather (2011-08-26)
    Throughout the world, gender inequality—pervasive and deeply embedded in societal structures and ideologies—continues to inhibit human potential and retard the social and economic development of individuals, families, and ...

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