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  • Blackburn, Tara (2009-07-02)
    Abstinence-only education is a program that teaches adolescents to abstain from sexual activity until marriage, and restricts information about the use of condoms and contraceptive measures to only failure rates. ...
  • Mikulan, Katie L. (2013-08-01)
    In the past sex was usually saved until marriage. This meant that talking about sex was taboo and there were not many unplanned pregnancies outside of marriage. Well, times have changed and people are having sex at a ...
  • Martin, David; Godfrey, Nelda; Banh, Micheal; Barkman, Anne; Friesen, Kelsey; McShane, Franny; Mikulan, Katie L.; O'Malley, Candice M.; Ramsey, Alexandra; Shumate, Timothy; Truong, Maria N. (2013-08-01)
    Welcome to this Sixth volume of The Journal of Undergraduate Nursing Writing. This journal is a compilation of original articles written by senior nursing students in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at The ...

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