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  • Albin, Julia M.; Domian, Elaine (2012-07-24)
    Many Sudanese refugees that have resettled in the United States have experienced severe trauma and loss during their migration, as well as physical, social, and psychological struggles in their continued adaptation to ...
  • Martin, David; Biethman, Elyse; Blurton, Brooke; Dudley, Kayla; Horn, Kerri; Lee, Alexandra; Medis, Kim; Nelson, Heather; Silvey, Linus; Tafreshi, David; Wurtz, Heather (2011-08-25)
    The articles presented in this volume originated as assignments completed by students as part of their senior level coursework. The original call for papers did not limit their entries to any particular topic. All of the ...
  • Piles, Sydney; Bosak, Kelly (2014-08-01)
  • Beckman, Laurissa; Graham, Maggie; Groutas, Christopher; Kruse, Erin; Piles, Sydney; Powell, Elizabeth; Walsh, Shannon; Welch, Cassi; Peltzer, Jill; Fink Ogawa, Lisa M.; Staggs, Vincent; Bott, Marge; Bosak, Kelly; Frank-Ragan, M. Elaine; Kim, Heejung; Steinhoff, Andreanna; Cramer, Emily (2014-08-01)
  • Wurtz, Heather (2011-08-26)
    Throughout the world, gender inequality—pervasive and deeply embedded in societal structures and ideologies—continues to inhibit human potential and retard the social and economic development of individuals, families, and ...

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