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  • Blurton, Brooke (2011-08-25)
    Lacking effective modalities to treat obesity in children puts doctors and nurses at the forefront of the ethical dilemma of saving a child’s life with a risky and poorly researched bariatric surgical procedure. The following ...
  • Martin, David; Brewer, M. Kathleen; Connelly, Lynne (2009-07-02)
  • Lee, Alexandra (2011-08-26)
    The complexity of the ethical issue being depicted is one that has transcended generations, bringing light to issues such as human rights, distributive justice, and the worldly effects of globalization. The subject termed ...
  • Tafreshi, David (2011-08-26)
    In the hospital setting, there are few moments that are as intense as the events that take place when trying to save an arresting patient’s life. Yet family presence during resuscitation efforts has become an important and ...
  • Horn, Kerri (2011-08-26)
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the importance of maintaining confidentiality, as well as, discussing why it is crucial in some situations to disclose or share patient information. Confidentiality is among the eight ...
  • Martin, David; Biethman, Elyse; Blurton, Brooke; Dudley, Kayla; Horn, Kerri; Lee, Alexandra; Medis, Kim; Nelson, Heather; Silvey, Linus; Tafreshi, David; Wurtz, Heather (2011-08-25)
    The articles presented in this volume originated as assignments completed by students as part of their senior level coursework. The original call for papers did not limit their entries to any particular topic. All of the ...
  • Wurtz, Heather (2011-08-26)
    Throughout the world, gender inequality—pervasive and deeply embedded in societal structures and ideologies—continues to inhibit human potential and retard the social and economic development of individuals, families, and ...

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