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dc.description.abstract The Virtual Reference Cooperative Pilot was initiated in December 2001, at the University of Colorado Health Science Center’s Denison Library. The intent of the project was to utilize virtual reference software (24.7 Reference) to develop a cooperative region-wide network to respond quickly to requests for reference support services from network members and helath professionals throughout the midcontinental region. Denison Library began the service with 2 hours of coverage. Soon after, the J. Otto Lottes Library and the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library joined as new partners and expansion of the service window eventually extended to 8 hours of coverage. In the second phase of expansion, the Harley E. French Library of the University of North Dakota and Hawaii Medical Library joined the cooperative. The Hardin Library for the Health Sciences of the University of Iowa and the Carlson Health Sciences Library of the University of California at Davis followed soon after bringing the total number of health sciences libraries to seven. Coverage was expanded to twelve hours. The group then began the implementation of a marketing plan which would encourage all libraries in the region, including health sciences and public libraries, to use Virtual Reference to support their health information services. Representatives from each of the participating institutions formed the planning group. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Denison Memorial Library University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center en_US
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dc.subject Virtual reference software en_US
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dc.title Marketing Virtual Reference Cooperative Pilot en_US
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