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  • Galina Glazko; Vladimir Makarenkov; Jing Liu; Arcady Mushegian (BioMedCentral, 2006-05-30)
    BACKGROUND:Reconstruction of evolutionary history of bacteriophages is a difficult problem because of fast sequence drift and lack of omnipresent genes in phage genomes. Moreover, losses and recombinational exchanges of ...
  • Diana Baumann; Malcolm Cook; Limei Ma; Arcady Mushegian; Erik Sanders; Joel Schwartz; C Ron Yu (BioMedCentral, 2007-12-06)
    BACKGROUND:Members of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) family share sequence similarity and the 11-stranded ß-barrel fold. Fluorescence or bright coloration, observed in many members of this family, is enabled by the ...
  • Piotr Kozbial; Arcady Mushegian (BioMedCentral, 2004-12-16)
    BACKGROUND:S-adenosylmethionine is a source of diverse chemical groups used in biosynthesis and modification of virtually every class of biomolecules. The most notable reaction requiring S-adenosylmethionine, transfer of ...
  • Galina Glazko; Michael Coleman; Arcady Mushegian (BioMedCentral, 2008-07-25)
    We present psi-square, a program for searching the space of gene vectors. The program starts with a gene vector, i.e., the set of measurements associated with a gene, and finds similar vectors, derives a probabilistic model ...
  • Frank Emmert-Streib; Arcady Mushegian (BioMedCentral, 2006-02-17)
    BACKGROUND:Identification of the structural domains of proteins is important for our understanding of the organizational principles and mechanisms of protein folding, and for insights into protein function and evolution. ...

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