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  • James LeCheminant; Cheryl Gibson; Debra Sullivan; Sandra Hall; Rik Washburn; Mary Vernon; Chelsea Curry; Elizabeth Stewart; Eric Westman; Joseph Donnelly (BioMedCentral, 2006-10-02)
    BACKGROUND:Recent evidence suggests that a low carbohydrate (LC) diet may be equally or more effective for short-term weight loss than a traditional low fat (LF) diet; however, less is known about how they compare for ...
  • Michael Zemel; Joseph Donnelly; Bryan Smith; Debra Sullivan; Joanna Richards; Danielle Morgan-Hanusa; Matthew Mayo; Xiaocun Sun; Galen Cook-Wiens; Bruce Bailey; Emily Van Walleghen; Richard Washburn (BioMedCentral, 2005-12-01)
    BACKGROUND:To compare the effects of low versus recommended levels of dairy intake on weight maintenance and body composition subsequent to weight loss.DESIGN AND METHODS:Two site (University of Kansas-KU; University of ...
  • Cheryl Gibson; Bryan Smith; Katrina DuBose; J Leon Greene; Bruce Bailey; Shannon Williams; Joseph Ryan; Kristin Schmelzle; Richard Washburn; Debra Sullivan; Matthew Mayo; Joseph Donnelly (BioMedCentral, 2007-11-12)
    BACKGROUND:Physical Activity Across the Curriculum (PAAC) is a 3-year elementary school-based intervention to determine if increased amounts of moderate intensity physical activity performed in the classroom will diminish ...

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