Open versus Closed Adoption

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dc.description.abstract An adoption takes place for several reasons, as a result of an unwanted pregnancy, lack of a proper home environment or numerous other reasons. Three main steps are taken when a child is adopted: the child must be legally separated from their birth parents; the child is transferred to the custody of a qualified adoption agency; and the final step involves the transfer of parents’ rights and responsibilities. Here a crucial decision must be made about open or closed adoption. With open adoption, the birth parents will have involvement in the raising of the child as well as communication with the adoptive family during the child’s life (Adoption, 2008). If a closed adoption is chosen, the birth parents lose all custody and visitation rights. In this situation both sets of parents remain anonymous to each other and any documents from either set of parents are kept private (Clinton, 1996). A choice of open versus closed adoption must be carefully considered. Nurses may care for parents facing such a dilemma, and should be knowledgeable about both open and closed adoption. While a nurse is not directly involved in the adoption process, he or she is a constant and trusted caregiver with frequent direct contact with patients needing help in acquiring information to make a decision. The purpose of this paper is to discuss 26 The Journal of Undergraduate Nursing Writing Volume 3, Number 1, October 2009 the positives and negatives of placing a child in a closed adoption arrangement as opposed to an open arrangement. en_US
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dc.title Open versus Closed Adoption en_US
dc.type Article en_US
dc.subject.cinahl Adoption en_us
dc.subject.cinahl Family Attitudes en_us
dc.subject.cinahl Adoptive Parents -- Psychosocial Factors en_us

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