Noncutaneous malignant melanoma: a prognostic model from a retrospective multicenter study

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Show simple item record Kim, Hyo Song Kim, Eun Kyoung Jun, Hyun Jung Oh, Sung Yong Park, Keon Woo Lim, Do Hyeong Lee, Soon Il Kim, Jung-Han Kim, Kyoung Mee Lee, Dae Ho Lee, Jeeyun 2010-06-08T19:41:32Z 2010-06-08T19:41:32Z 2010-04-28
dc.description.abstract Abstract Background We performed multicenter study to define clinical characteristics of noncutaneous melanomas and to establish prognostic factors patients who received curative resection. Methods Of the 141 patients who were diagnosed of non-cutaneous melanoma at 4 institutions in Korea between June 1992 and May 2005, 129 (91.5%) satisfied the selection criteria. Results Of the 129 noncutaneous melanoma patients, 14 patients had ocular melanoma and 115 patients had mucosal melanoma. For mucosal melanoma, anorectum was the most common anatomic site (n = 39, 30.2%) which was followed by nasal cavity (n = 30, 23.3%), genitourinary (n = 21, 16.3%), oral cavity (n = 14, 10.9%), upper gastrointestinal tract (n = 6, 4.7%) and maxillary sinus (n = 5, 3.9%) in the order of frequency. With the median 64.5 (range 4.3-213.0) months follow-up, the median overall survival were 24.4 months (95% CI 13.2-35.5) for all patients, and 34.6 (95% CI 24.5-44.7) months for curatively resected mucosal melanoma patients. Adverse prognostic factors of survival for 87 curatively resected mucosal melanoma patients were complete resection (R1 resection margin), and age > 50 years. For 14 ocular melanoma, Survival outcome was much better than mucosal melanoma with 73.3% of 2 year OS and 51.2 months of median OS (P = .04). Conclusion Prognosis differed according to primary sites of noncutaneous melanoma. Based on our study, noncutaneous melanoma patients should be treated differently to improve survival outcome.
dc.title Noncutaneous malignant melanoma: a prognostic model from a retrospective multicenter study
dc.type Journal Article 2010-06-03T00:27:37Z
dc.description.version Peer Reviewed
dc.language.rfc3066 en
dc.rights.holder Kim et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

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