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  • Ra'anan, Alice (2006-11-13)
    Alice Ra’anan is the Director of Government Relations and Public Policy for the American Physiological Society (APS). Her areas of expertise include federal research funding and the humane use of animals in research. She ...
  • Menefee, Daviess (2006-10-09)
    My topics for today: the STM industry, publishers responding to changes in access, reacting to the future, where is business going? Daviess Menefee is currently the Director of Library Relations for the Americas at Elsevier. ...
  • Joseph, Heather (2006-10-09)
    Why public access is important. Implications of the Federal Research Public Access Act (S.2695) on research, publishing, and open access. Heather Joseph has spent the last 16 years in the scholarly publishing community. ...
  • Joseph, Heather; Norton, Melissa MD; Menefee, Daviess; Yamey, Gavin MD; Ra'anan, Alice; Wilbanks, John; University of Kansas Medical Center (2006-11-07)
    A symposium addressing the current practices for publishing, delivering and sharing scientific research, data and tools. Topics include: * Legislative issues and current debates surrounding access to federally ...
  • Planning Committee (2006-10-06)
  • Yamey, Gavin MD (2006-11-06)
    The current medical publishing system, why that system is broken and unsustainable and how it impedes global public health, and open access publishing: a healthier alternative. Gavin Yamey is a senior editor for the ...
  • Norton, Melissa MD (2006-11-06)
    Open access online publishing is a viable publishing option and is supported by authors, funders, institutions, and governments. Open access online publishing maximizes research visibility, optimizes scientific progress ...
  • Joseph, Heather; Norton, Melissa MD; Menefee, Daviess; Yamey, Gavin MD; Ra'anan, Alice; Wilbanks, John (2006-11-07)
    Invited speakers respond to questions from the audience during the panel discussion of the Mass and Matter symposium.
  • Wilbanks, John (2006-11-07)
    John Wilbanks discusses Creative Commons licensing, barriers to sharing and their impact on science, and what we could if we had open access to information. John Wilbanks comes to Creative Commons from a Fellowship at the ...

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